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    Holistic Healer  .  Life Coach  .  Spiritual Artist

    People whom we meet in our lives are
    often signposts on our way to destiny.

    -Lenish John-

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Atharvanic Kriya Yoga

In ancient times, living in harmony with nature helped humans keep a proper balance between their inner and outer nature. Back then, it was believed that diseases resulted from energy imbalance in the body. Humans knew where to find remedies for these health issues. Usually holistic doctors in communities healed these ailments using natural herbs and other holistic practices. Atharva Veda (one of the four ancient texts of knowledge) explains that energy imbalance causes major problems in our body and mind. Atharva Veda also suggests a vast set of natural remedies. This holistic practice was known as Atharvanic.

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Holistic Healing

Each human is born with a unique metabolism and therefore, has a different immune system. My natural therapies begin with a careful analysis of your body, diagnosing the core reason for bodily imbalance and finally suggesting a unique practice that specifically meets your body’s individual needs. By the time you finish the course, you will be trained to practice Atharvanic Kriya Yoga by yourself at home to keep you healthy in the future. My practice involves no internal medicines and is a perfect choice for those seeking support with their health condition, unless a person's medical professional advises against the practice.

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Art of Energy Orientation

As a spiritual healer, after numerous years of research and practice, I have successfully blended principles of Vastu Shastra (Indian architectural science) with the Australian indigenous knowledge of the Earth’s magnetic field. I apply this theory, which is based on spiritual healing, to solve the many chronic health issues faced by my clients.

As we are spiritual beings, our life and actions are constantly influenced by energy fields within the universe. We believe our pains and pleasures are the outcomes of our Karma. Sometimes, it may not be our actions that cause problems but it could be the invisible impact of energy from our surroundings.

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My Spiritual Journey

Born in Kerala, a spiritual and culture rich part of Southern India, Lenish John transformed himself into a holistic healer, life Coach and spiritual artist over a span of three decades.

Raised in a strong family lineage of spiritual and ancient healing knowledge, he continued his spiritual journey and, in high school he came across Sanskrit, one of the ancient languages alive today. Specialising in Sanskrit provided him with invaluable esoteric knowledge about nature and life since Sanskrit in which all the Vedic manuscripts of ancient times were documented.

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"when the student is ready. the teacher will appear" - Tao Te Ching After a few years of meditating and trying to find answers on my spiritual journey, I set out to find a yoga teacher. Initially my intention was to find a teacher that does 1 on 1 sessions to better my health. Just by chance, my s..

best private yoga melbourne is here

Lenish John has an amazing mind and an awesome practice, Lenish teaches yoga and practises some traditional medicine and therapy. I visited Lenish’s practise with a specific problem of recurring headaches, he helped – by teaching me some yoga asanas and also did some therapy. I practise these as..

George Bosco
best private yoga melbourne is here

With Lenish's sage like teaching he transports me to another level of health, vitality and clarity. Pranayama to me is the missing ingredient to my wellbeing and is the fountain of youth.

best private yoga melbourne is here

Lenish’s Meditation/Yoga adds an unique traditional meditation techniques. If your desire is to experience the true potential of Meditation, and feel & see your inner self, I strongly recommend him. See him you never regret.

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