Art of Energy Orientation

As a spiritual healer, after numerous years of research and practice, I have successfully blended principles of Vastu Shastra (Indian architectural science) with the Australian indigenous knowledge of the Earth’s magnetic field. I apply this theory, which is based on spiritual healing, to solve the many chronic health issues faced by my clients.

As we are spiritual beings, our life and actions are constantly influenced by energy fields within the universe. We believe our pains and pleasures are the outcomes of our Karma. Sometimes, it may not be our actions that cause problems but it could be the invisible impact of energy from our surroundings. Vastu Shastra is one of the major influential factors. Australian indigenous people were also aware of the Earth’s high and low magnetic fields, and dangerous geographical locations. They knew the places that would play a key role in their health and well being and celebrated some spiritual ceremonies there as part of their healing practices.

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Personal energy balancing

According to my practice, energy imbalances of the mind gradually reflect on your bodily functions which is the primary cause of all diseases. These diseases can negatively affect your emotions and overall happiness in your life. So, regaining your mental and physical energy through practice of Tantric yoga melbourne, Chakra balancing, improvement of life force energy and Aura cleansing is the key to living a happier and successful life. Energy imbalances of the mind can sometimes also depend on our personal and professional level of interactions with others. Lenish john offers naturopath melbourne using natural therapies to cure illness,anti agening and weight reduction without surgery.

Energy balancing in home

Whether you are building a new house or you are living in an existing one, Earth energy, clean air, pure water, proper sunlight are important elements for a healthy and happy life.

Constructing buildings in harmony with all major elements is a painstaking task. Lack of any of these elements in your home can even cause significant health, personal and relationship issues.

Energy orientation in an existing house is practically difficult without altering the architectural structure. However, according to my practice and knowledge, energy orientation is still possible. A thorough understanding of which element is lacking in the building and causing energy imbalance is the first step in the practice of energy orientation. In some cases, my solutions involve cleansing energy in the house by performing a smoking ceremony, adding mystical diagrams called Yantras and spiritual paintings to the home interior. Lenish john conveying agreement to a man's life. Enhance the wellbeing of your body, heart and brain with this introduction to spiritual healing melbourne.

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