Atharvanic Kriya Yoga

In ancient times, living in harmony with nature helped humans keep a proper balance between their inner and outer nature. Back then, it was believed that diseases resulted from energy imbalance in the body. Humans knew where to find remedies for these health issues. Usually holistic doctors in communities healed these ailments using natural herbs and other holistic practices. Atharva Veda (one of the four ancient texts of knowledge) explains that energy imbalance causes major problems in our body and mind.

Atharva Veda also suggests a vast set of natural remedies. This holistic practice was known as Atharvanic.

As we began to civilize, technology occupied our minds and we began to lose connection with nature which resulted in loss of Atharvanic knowledge. Misuse of nature and change in lifestyle played a crucial role in causing diseases.

While my Guru was learning from many renowned spiritual masters in India, he came to know about the methods of Atharvanic spiritual healing. He spent numerous years to understand the possibilities of implementing these methods in modern times. But he found out later whatever was discussed in Atharva Veda posed serious challenges in implementing them in modern times.

Years of research and practice led him to successfully develop a method called Atharvanic Kriya Yoga — a blend of Atharvanic healing concepts and Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga breathing is one of the most powerful Yoga practice. He scientifically proved that this method is effective and could heal many severe diseases such as cancer and diabetes. He received numerous awards at national and international levels for his contribution to this ancient practice.

As a private yoga trainer, I have helped my followers to keep a proper balance between their inner and outer nature through Atharvanic Kriya Yoga in Melbourne.

Kriya yoga Melbourne

Beginners Level

Kriya Yoga meditation is a technique that quickly accelerates one's spiritual growth.To get started, I will guide you through the basic steps involved in understanding this spiritual practice. These steps can prepare you for advanced level and help you start your spiritual journey. Most resources available today promise easy and fast ways to teach kriya yoga meditation. In fact, without the help of a proper teacher, they can do more harm to your health than good. This is the reason why experts recommend beginning yoga lessons with the help of a personal yoga trainer.

In-depth training

At this stage,contrary to the popular misbelief that advanced level of yoga involves all those complicated poses, I will help you understand the true nature of your inner self. you will also learn how to tap into your real potential which would turn out to be beneficial in your mental, physical, and spiritual life.

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Holistic Healing

Each human is born with a unique metabolism and therefore, has a different immune system. My natural therapies begin with a careful analysis of your body, diagnosing the core reason for bodily imbalance and finally suggesting a unique practice that specifically meets your body’s individual needs. By the time you finish the course, you will be trained to practice Atharvanic Kriya Yoga by yourself at home to keep you healthy in the future. My practice involves no internal medicines and is a perfect choice for those seeking support with their health condition, unless a person's medical professional advises against the practice.
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