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Each human is born with a unique metabolism and therefore, has a different immune system. My natural therapies begin with a careful analysis of your body, diagnosing the core reason for bodily imbalance and finally suggesting a unique practice that specifically meets your body’s individual needs. By the time you finish the holistic healing course, you will be trained to practice Atharvanic Kriya Yoga by yourself at home to keep you healthy in the future. My practice involves no internal medicines and is a perfect choice for those seeking support with their health condition, unless a person's medical professional advises against the practice. Spiritual healing transforms your mind and body to relieve pain and chronic conditions.

A large number of clients from Melbourne and other cities in Australia have recovered from various illnesses through my naturopathic therapies based on Atharvanic Kriya Yoga. The personal Yoga training I provide is beneficial for cancer, kidney and digestive diseases, chronic back pain, sleep disorders, chronic headaches and several other lifestyle diseases

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Pouring aromatic oil on the forehead

Lenish john, one among Melbourne's best holistic healer, will help balance your physical, mental and emotional health through holistic healing. This ancient spiritual healing method stimulates the blood circulation to the head and creates a blissful sensation. I use this treatment method as part of Atharvanic kriya yoga. The treatment involves developing a unique blend of high-quality essential oils with medicinal values for each individual.

Good for following conditions:

Sleep disorders

Anxiety & fear

Fatigue & hypertension


Migraine, headache etc.


Herbal pouch massage

This treatment method is used as part of Atharvanic kriya yoga and allows for faster results. Kizhi is one the most effective treatment methods to relieve body related pain and other issues. It involves a massage using a herbal pouch and warm aromatic herbal oil over the whole body or focused areas depending on the individuals health condition. This treatment unblocks the blood and energy circulations in the body and removes toxins. It is one of the best remedial treatments to improve health and immunity power.

Good for following conditions:

Back pain

Muscle or joint pains


Enhances tone and strengthens muscles


Blocked veins etc.

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Nadi Swedhan

Herbal Steam

Nadi Swedhan is one the most sought-after ancient treatments to ease inflammations and remove other impurities from the body. It involves herbal steam for the whole body or focused areas to release toxins and unblock blood circulations. I use this treatment method as part of Atharvanic kriya yoga for better and faster results.

Good for the below conditions:

Respiratory issues

Sinus congestions

Body pain and swelling

Chronic inflammation

Blood circulation

Stiffness etc.

Tantric yoga

I have been teaching Tantric yoga to hundreds of people who need emotional healing, physical healing and ultimately spiritual awakening.
Tantric yoga is one of the powerful and in-depth practice through which Kundalini awakening happens. Once awakened the kundalini energy (rests at the base of the spine) flows up along the spine opening all the chakras in the body before it finally unites with the primordial energy in the Sahasrara chakra. This will gradually lead to enlightenment.

Life begins when male and female energy unite. Therefore, both energies are inherent in each one of us. These energies’ imbalance (sometimes arising from certain circumstances in our life) in the body can cause mental and physical abnormalities.

Tantric yoga gradually heals your abnormalities and removes your emotional blocks thereby leading to overall health and wellbeing. This results in better relationship with your family and friends while creating a deeper spiritual connection.

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