"when the student is ready. the teacher will appear" - Tao Te Ching After a few years of meditating and trying to find answers on my spiritual journey, I set out to find a yoga teacher. Initially my intention was to find a teacher that does 1 on 1 sessions to better my health. Just by chance, my spiritual path has guided me to Lenish John and I'm very thankful to be training under him. He has been teaching me a style of Yoga totally unknown to me, however I believe it is the perfect one for me right after our 1st session. Lenish is not just a Yoga teacher but a healer, spiritual teacher and a wonderful soul. He has shed a new light on my path has opened up so many possibilities for me. Gave me new goals and understandings that I would have never known about if I was on my own. For those who seek better health and spiritual life, I highly recommend you to come see Lenish.


Lenish John has an amazing mind and an awesome practice, Lenish teaches yoga and practises some traditional medicine and therapy. I visited Lenish’s practise with a specific problem of recurring headaches, he helped – by teaching me some yoga asanas and also did some therapy. I practise these asanas every day and since then I have never suffered from headaches. Lenish is extremely passionate and supportive and I will highly recommend Lenish’s practise to anyone looking for an answer.

George Bosco

With Lenish's sage like teaching he transports me to another level of health, vitality and clarity. Pranayama to me is the missing ingredient to my wellbeing and is the fountain of youth.


Lenish’s Meditation/Yoga adds an unique traditional meditation techniques. If your desire is to experience the true potential of Meditation, and feel & see your inner self, I strongly recommend him. See him you never regret.


Myself is Amitha , lives in Bendigo, moved to Australia five years ago from India. I had many issues which was affecting my physical and mental health. I tried to treat it with Allopathy and Ayurveda medicine here and in india. It was affecting my personal life as well as my profession. I even had a perception that it could not be treated completely and I will not be able to do a job which needs sitting for long time because of the pain that I am going through every day. I met Lenish around four years ago through my husband Roopesh Babu who was a friend of him. And I came to know Lenish is treating people with Yoga techniquies and aroma therapy. Lenish was even willing to come to my place give me treatment as I could not leave home. I received Kriya Yoga from Lenish firstly for seven days. It was my first ever spiritual experience and I consider Lenish as my GURU because he showed me the path to light. The way of treatment is customised as needs of different personnel varies. I required a lot of exercises on top of traditional Yoga practices, as my body was very week especially my legs. All the injuries happened around my hip reduced blood supply to my legs. Lenish also explains the reasons/cause of an issue which make more sense and it helps in the treatment. The essence of Yoga is to join the three elements, mind, body and spirit. Treatment starts with the Yoga Asana then breathing exercise is the main part of the treatment, which follows Aroma Therapy, which is followed by steaming which removes all the inflammation in the body. Asanas help in the coordination of body parts with the brain function, breathing helps in increasing lung capacity and circulation. All these concept itself was sensible to me and seven days treatment taken me to another world with no pain. I thank Lenish from the bottom of my heart for leading me to a better life. Practising Yoga everyday is now is an inevitable part of my life now for the last three years. I can also tell people that Lenish can only show you a path, walking through that is your responsibility. Because, you eat and contaminate your body, you worry and contaminate your mind, it happens every single day and you need a cleaning procedure everyday too. ‘ Keep aside an hour a day for you which is your real saving for the rest of your life for leading a better life. I wish all the best to Lenish

Amitha Sukumaran

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, with my family. 3 years back I had my hysterectomy, after a few months I noticed I was getting stressed out for simple things rather quickly. These instances occurred for a few months, yet I hadn't realised what was really happening to me. I attended multiple therapies and I was on anti-depressants for a couple of months but nothing really worked out for me. After a few months my father passed away and this circumstance further exhausted me and heightened my already unfortunate dilemma. I began to progressively experience multiple panic attacks and my health continued to deteriorate at a quicker level. Doctors concluded that my condition was an early sign of menopause. But thankfully through one of my friend's I was acquainted with Mr. Lenish whom I found out was an athvanic kriya yoga practitioner. The experiences I had with these practices were wonderful and highly beneficial. I went for 10 days healing, treatments and yoga practices. I used to practice yoga in group sessions for the past 3 years but as per my experience I really found this one on one treatment beneficial because I got a deep understanding about various matters. For example, the correct breathing techniques as per scientifically proven methods. On my first day of practice itself I found these methods that were introduced, were impacting me positively in various ways such as introducing quite a lot of change in my mental state (a drastic reduction in panic attacks etc). After 3 days of this treatment I felt more confident and my self-esteem level had drastically increased due to the outstanding results that this treatment had on me. Although, the most important aspect which I attained from this practice is my energy level and concentration levels had heightened. Due to Lenish’s treatments and teachings, I can now work my way around issues that would impact me before I undertook in this treatment. The most important outcome from this practice is the practical learning of finding the spirituality in oneself and to do so, it requires strong determination and commitment. Although the process is vigorous, the achievement is beyond expectations. Thank you once again to Lenish for showing me these great techniques

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